Juventus vs Real Madrid final: Champions League 2017 preview 

Tomorrow is the match all of us are waiting for, Juventus vs Real Madrid. I am going to give you all the information you need to know about these two teams.


Juventus have played excellently this season and have won the Seria A and could win the Champions League. Higuain has played brilliantly and has been in a great partnership with fellow Argentine and Juventus teammate Paulo Dybala. Hopefully, they could show their greatness tomorrow. Everything has been on point for them this season.

Real Madrid 

This is the team that is likely to win but I want Juventus to win. Real Madrid have been magnificent this season and always are. There is not really that much to say about this team, their defence is good, their midfield is good and their attack is unbelievable. This team has so many stars. James could leave to Manchester United or Chelsea. Hopefully, we get an unforgettable final.


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